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Considering investing in solar?

Follow the one-quarter of Australian households investing in solar energy today…
There has never been a better time!

Reduce Energy Bills

Solar panels use our sun’s energy to convert power to your home or business. With a variety of solar energy solutions, SEA can work within your budget and usage requirements to tailor a package for you.

Generating your own power can reduce or eliminate energy bills & your reliance on energy providers.

Power costs in Australia are rising, but your bills don’t have to. Contact SEA to protect yourself against future price increases.

Government Rebate

There is a common misconception that the Government rebates when going solar have been cancelled. This is simply untrue.

The Government still offers a generous rebate (STC’s) when installing solar PV & SOLAR hot water which equates to 1000’s of dollars saved on your upfront costs.

In addition, the Government provides credit to your energy bill for unused power fed back into the grid, known as feed-in tariffs.

SEA solutions will work with your individual needs to ensure you are taking advantage of all current and future benefits provided by the Government.


Solar is not only more affordable than you may have first thought, but a typical return on investment can be within 5 years. Imagine the enjoyment & relief of opening an energy bill in credit?

SEA solutions can make this a reality. We have a variety of systems to meet your budget. Contact us today!


Solar energy is a clean & renewable energy source powered by the sun. By choosing a solar solution you will be dramatically reducing your carbon footprint, in addition to your power bills.

A 2kW solar system can eliminate 3 tonnes of carbon released into our environment every year!

Increased Property Value

An eco-friendly green home adds an instant incentive for prospective buyers & could easily set your home above the rest. With Australian consumers facing significant energy prices NOW is the time to adapt.

Come & visit our team at our brand new Erina SOLAR Showroom to discuss what we can offer you.