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1/8 Clare Mace Crescent

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5KW+ SOLAR PV System

SEA’s Solar PV Systems will work with your individual home/office needs to maximise efficiency and save you money.

SEA’s 5kW+ solar solutions are a PV system, which suits a large home and allows customers to generate savings on their consumption immediately with the option for the addition of a battery in the future.

Panels: up to 25 year manufacturing warranty

Inverters: up to 25 year manufacturing warranty

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Finance Available via our partner: Click here for details

We recommend an optimised system which is ideal for partial shading. This option accounts for general losses over time due to soilage, age and environmental factors. Our optimised solutions offer a unique monitoring platform which allows you, our customer, to see in real time your energy consumption, savings and efficiency.

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We partner with a select group of high quality suppliers to ensure the best possible result for your Solar Installation.