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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eliminate my power bills with a solar PV system?
Yes, you can should you wish to invest in a battery system and have enough roof space to cover your energy usage. Typically, without battery we can cover majority of your energy needs & drastically reduce your energy consumption.
Will I produce solar energy if my roof is shaded?

Solar panels require full sunlight to maximise power output. However, SEA Solutions offer optimised systems where the solar panels can still work in partial shade. Our design team will work with your individual needs to tailor a system to work within your environment.

How long will a solar System last?

We offer up to a 25-year product warranty on our solar panels & inverters. SEA solutions use market-leading brands of inverters, which will ensure the longevity of your system.

Can hail damage my solar panels?

Solar panels are hail rated for your protection however we recommend you notify your insurer upon installing your system.

How do I clean my solar panels?

Solar panels generally are mounted at an angle which assist in self -cleaning. To provide optimum panel integrity, SEA Solutions offer a yearly maintenance package. Contact SEA for more information.

Are Government rebates still available?

Yes, when you install a solar system you are entitled to claim small technology credits (STCs) for both Solar Hot Water & solar PV. The amount claimable is dependant on a variety of factors, including size of system & where you are located. The rebate is claimed at time of purchase decreasing the cost of your system overall. Review our website for further information.

Can I increase my BASIX by installing solar?

Yes. SEA Solutions will design a solar system to suit your individual requirements & meet your BASIX target.

Will I lose power during a black-out?
A general grid dependant inverter will automatically shut down for safety at time of blackout, however SEA Solutions offer a limited back up supply system for use during this time.
Will I still need to draw electricity from the Grid?

Without a battery you will need to still use power from the grid. At times where sunlight is minimal or during the night your solar system will automatically switch to your grid supply.

Where do the panels get installed?
Generally, we install on a north, east or west facing roof. SEA solutions will work with your individual space to ensure we can create the most energy efficient system for you.
Can solar panels be installed on a flat roof?
Yes, they can. SEA Solutions offer tilted racking systems which will allow you to have your panels placed at the optimum tilt angle for energy generation.
How do I know what size is right for my electricity consumption?
The size of your system is dependant on many factors including viable roof space, energy consumption and budget.

SEA Solutions will work with your requirements to ensure you have the right system.

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